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Description of The Junior Magician Camp

SESSION 1: Introduction to Some-Strictly-Silly-Skills

Such as:


SESSION 2: Getting into some "serious laughter" and…

  1. Twisting the basic balloon dog, giraffe, hat, mouse, bunny & fish
  2. Juggling SCARVES progressing from 1-ball juggling to 2-ball juggling to TA-DAH… THE 3 BALL CASCADE!
  3. Partaking in the ultimate… Peacock feather balance contest!
  4. Flippo demonstrates the anti-gravitational 10-box balance!



  1. Dazzle friends with some of the magically mystifying effects of thumb tips, change bags, magic pans, etc.
  2. Everyone tries Spinning Plates and "Spinning the Basin"!
  3. Impressive balloon creations such as the Star Wars Laser Gun and Sword, the Love birds on the heart and "Huggy Bears"
  4. Of the 500 different variations of 3-ball juggling patterns… lets get "cardiovascularly challenged" and learn 3 new ones:



More balloon sculptures:



Some more 3-ball juggling tricks:


Finale SESSION 6: Balloon Extravaganza!!!

Blow them away… (not the balloons!) with these awesome inflatibles!!

CAUTION: The "Giggles" Bug is highly contagious!!!

Note: Up to 20 Children ages range from 7 years of age and older.