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About Flippo The Juggling Magician

Flippo offers the Best mix of Juggling, Magic, Ukulele Sing-A-Longs, and Balloon Sculptures seen anywhere!flippo-edinburg

His versatility in these Arts puts him in a category all his own! Compelled to share the fun and joy experienced through these mediums, Flippo has been teaching Adult Education Classes such as “Beginning Juggling and Balloon Art”, “Intermediate Juggling and Balloon Art”, “Way C-O-O-O-O-L Balloon Sculptures”, and “Cardio-Juggling & Stress Reduction”, etc. since the early 1990’s in both the Worcester, MA and Marlboro, MA School Districts. Many Schools and Summer Camp and Enrichment Programs have utilized Flippo’s Seminars to cap off an already rewarding School year!

Flippo is an “Extreme” Performer - focusing on perfection in areas such as Dependability, Showmanship, and overall ability to win the hearts of Kids! Flippo ensures 100% Satisfaction with a Money-Back Guarantee. Once again, ALL POSITIVE REVIEWS SPEAK VOLUMES.

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